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So, I’m arguing with the scanner.  (I thought these days were over.)  Since I’m helpless without Robert on these sorts of things, I probably won’t be able to get it sorted out until after he gets home.  But it’s also municiple elections today, so I’ll likely go do that and then do the comic.  So it’ll be up, just later this evening.  (Which is probably more like early morning for most of you.)

Until then, enjoy this rather impressive and probably inexpensive music video.  Fun and good exercise!


First off, Robert and I are singing Lion King songs to Aaron.  I don’t know why.  It just happened.

Second, after downloading, updating, running, rebooting, waiting for planets to align, and sacrificing a small goat, the scanner spontaneously decided to start working.  (I think it was because Robert was in the room and I swore up and down I could NOT get it to work.) So, have a comic.

Second and a halfth, my husband and I have joined forces to decide what the next comic series will be.  And it will be so nerdy that IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS.  Guesses are welcome, if you feel so inclined.

Third, it is the anniversary of the invention of the bar code.  Happy birthday, bar code.  (Am I the only one who goes to the Google title image to see what holiday it is?)

Fourth, I signed up for NaNoWriMo today!  So, come December, you all might get to see some chapter of that.  (I hate letting people read things I’m still working on.  Ask my poor husband.)

Fifth, thanks to everyone who sent their condolences about the subaquatic crawlspace.

And finally, this laptop shall henceforth be known as GULLIVER.


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Inauguration Day!

Thanks again to everyone who voted, whoever you voted for.  You guys and gals help shape the future of this nation.  Woot!

Sorry, I don’t think I warned anyone that I wasn’t posting yesterday.  It was MLK Day and I didn’t work so I didn’t have a scanner so I sat around eating pizza instead.  It was a nice birthday.  Thanks to all my birthday well-wishers!

And finally, I give you another page of the comic in the regular story line.  It’s been about a month.  Yet, I’m not very happy with the page, but that’s okay.  I am pleased to be slowly freaking Stephanie out more and more, little by little.  That’s always fun.  Anyway, the comic!  Thanks for reading!

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I’m not sure how to pronounce that. Anyway, for reasons which will later be expounded upon (cough, cough, HUSBAND, wheeze) the comic will be later today. Check back at around noon Alaska time. Sorry!

UPDATE: Sorry again! Here’s the Thanksgiving Special, the last page of which is the fiftieth page of this fabulous comic that wasn’t supposed to go past the first page. Yay! Way to drag it out, Jill!

Anyway, my poor husband has this massive paper due today that he’s been frantically working on while the electronic world conspires against him and he hasn’t gotten to bed sooner than two in the last three nights, I think. And so today, instead of dragging him out of bed at seven to come to the library at eight like we do every other morning, I let him stay in bed until eight-thirty. My class starts at 9:15 on Wednesdays and so I had to be dropped off at class and made it at 9:14:48 (no joke), so I didn’t have the opportunity to scan and format the comic earlier in the day. I recognize that probably most of you are in an earlier time zone than I am, and I appreciate your patience with me and my pesky devotion to my family. 🙂

To the U.S. citizens in the house, have a happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else, I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of rest and rejuvination.

Oh, and remember how I was telling all of you how your vote really does count? Check this out.

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1,000 Hits Special

Have I mentioned lately that I dislike the scanner?  I just can’t seem to get a clear scan to save my life.  Anyway, yesterday morning, Sussurations broke 1,000 hits and I was so excited that I wanted to do something special.  So, here’s the new page.  It’s only one page today, but it’s quite unique and took me substantially longer than pages usually do.  I just wish the scanner did a better job with it.  (Now imagine what I’d do if I broke a thousand hits in one day.)

Thanks for all the hits, folks, and a big thank you to everyone who voted yesterday!  You help make this country great!

UPDATE:  Thank you to Will, who brought some broken links to my attention.  I won’t make fun of you today.  🙂

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VOTE NOW and some art

Seriously, American folks.   Unless you try to go at the times where there will obviously be a billion people, it takes like twenty minutes.  I’m not telling you who to vote for, I’m just saying it’s our privilege to take part in selecting our leaders.  So do the right thing, even if it’s just to make a protest vote.  I don’t care what people say: your vote matters.  Even if you’re one of those jaded people who doesn’t think your vote makes a difference, it at least lets our leaders know what’s on the mind of the American people.  So get up off the computer, head outside for some fresh air, and VOTE!

In vastly less important news, there are a few new pictures in the Art section

Seriously, vote.

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