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So.  Looks like this semester is going to totally kill me because it’s already kicking my can.  I’m not anywhere near being done with my homework and so you get one unedited chapter of Brodie and a video to indulge in, which is actually part of a whole series of videos, since I obviously have no intention of entertaining you myself.  (The Lord of the Rings one is the best I’ve seen so far, but there is an abundance of Boromir buttocks and so we’ll stick with Superman for now.  Star Wars IV is also quite fabulous.  Aaand… those are the only ones I’ve seen.)  We’ll see if I can dig myself out from this homework mound by Thursday.  (HIGHLY unlikely.)



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So… sorry I didn’t do that last update.  My whole family was pretty sick right up until the day before we flew out and then we were pretty busy.  And it’s looking like I won’t be updating tomorrow either.  I can’t find Gulliver’s power cord and his battery is utterly useless.  (Maybe I should put a new battery on my birthday wish list.  That and a pony.  Ponies make me think of the Shire and hobbits.  Mmmm… batteries…)  Since the scanner won’t accept the Computer of Mediocrity and the only copy of Brodie is on Gulliver, I don’t really have any way to post anything you might want to see.  So instead, I’ll just put up a video tonight and my sincerest apologies.  I hope everyone had a good holiday!

You also might check out Llamas with Hats, but it’s not quite rated G, so I’ll just make you go through a link to be really sure you want to expose yourself to this kind of sick garbage.  Sick, sick, sick.

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So I was literally walking with Gulliver to the scanner to scan in the update when a housemate set Aaron on a chair in our kitchen and the little guy, of course, arched his back and dove headlong into the hardwood floor.  An ambulance came and said we should take him to the hospital, so in we went to the emergency room to get his little head checked out while he flirted with the nurses.  He was perfectly alright, but it kind of killed the day.  So, day late, dollar short, here’s the update.  At least it’s four times bigger than usual.  (Is it really a dollar short if it’s bigger than usual?  Or is it a few dollars in excess?  Like a late fee.)  I can make myself feel a little better that way.  Hooray for high school prom!

PS- Politics aside, you have to admire any human being who can swivel a hula hoop around her hips 142 times.

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So, I’m arguing with the scanner.  (I thought these days were over.)  Since I’m helpless without Robert on these sorts of things, I probably won’t be able to get it sorted out until after he gets home.  But it’s also municiple elections today, so I’ll likely go do that and then do the comic.  So it’ll be up, just later this evening.  (Which is probably more like early morning for most of you.)

Until then, enjoy this rather impressive and probably inexpensive music video.  Fun and good exercise!


First off, Robert and I are singing Lion King songs to Aaron.  I don’t know why.  It just happened.

Second, after downloading, updating, running, rebooting, waiting for planets to align, and sacrificing a small goat, the scanner spontaneously decided to start working.  (I think it was because Robert was in the room and I swore up and down I could NOT get it to work.) So, have a comic.

Second and a halfth, my husband and I have joined forces to decide what the next comic series will be.  And it will be so nerdy that IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS.  Guesses are welcome, if you feel so inclined.

Third, it is the anniversary of the invention of the bar code.  Happy birthday, bar code.  (Am I the only one who goes to the Google title image to see what holiday it is?)

Fourth, I signed up for NaNoWriMo today!  So, come December, you all might get to see some chapter of that.  (I hate letting people read things I’m still working on.  Ask my poor husband.)

Fifth, thanks to everyone who sent their condolences about the subaquatic crawlspace.

And finally, this laptop shall henceforth be known as GULLIVER.

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Okay, so the scanner is still wigging out and the infection seems to have spread to the lesser scanner as well.  So I can’t put up the next page of the comic.  I’ll try again later today, but I can’t make any guarantees when the Copy Machine is out to get me.

To tide you over until then, here’s a video about Twitter.  This is the one I was deliberating about last week, so Warning: two instances of swearing (I think) and one instance of blood-squirting. 

So recap: Jill’s blog morals are crumbling and there will likely be a new comic page later today.

UPDATE:  Alright, here’s the page, but it’s not pretty.  AT ALL.  But it’s fairly readable and I’ll see what I can do to get a better scan up.  Sorry about the delay and sorry about the suckage.

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Extra post!  (You’re not surprised, are you?)  I owe the library a few hours so I came in today and figured if I’m here I may as well throw up a comic.  It’s already drawn and everything so it just needs to be scanned and formatted.  So have an extra comic.  Because you’re special.

Also, Katie’s mum sent her a video of a sleep-walking dog.  Poor poochie.

Aaaaand he’s awake.

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Well, the scanner is still being wonky and I’ve got a lot of work today, so let’s just keep this simple, shall we?  My linguistics class is fascinating.  (Pretty nerdy, I know.)  And one of the things we’ve discussed in bilingualism.  And so today for your viewing pleasure, a salute to all the wanna-be bilinguals in the world.  The rest of you laugh at us, but we know we’re cool.

Parle-vous le francais?

He’s still way better at German than me.

What lady could resist this?

By the way, Robert mentioned that maybe I should update the comics more.  But since neither of the people who responded to my plea for direction mentioned that, I’m torn.  So here’s a second round of begging for comments.  If any of you have any requests, please let me know!

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