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I honestly feel that this belligerently difficult scanner is at least 75% of my exhaustion with maintaining this comic series. Honestly.

So, sorry this is late, but here’s a brief Dead Timmy page. If you interested in happenings over at my writerly blog, I’ve posted a pair of short stories this week. Happy readings!


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AAAARG, THIS SCANNER! Seriously, I’m COMPLETELY technologically impaired! Yesterday was a painful battle with my computer that didn’t end until my husband came home and fixed everything inside of ten minutes, and today I can’t get the scanner OR EVEN A CAMERA to work to put up the update! GRRRR! Stupid, stupid!

So… check back later. Maybe tomorrow. Rrrrar!

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Sorry I was all pukey last week- that’s no fun for anyone. But I’m feeling much better now and the whole family is all better (unless we count our buddy Corbin- he’s the most recent patron of the vomitorium, which probably doesn’t mean what you think it means- see enlightening video below).

I tried something new with the comic art this week. Rather than just whine about shading, scanners, and the outrageous cost of drawing tablets, I decided to try inking the page. I have never inked a comic page before and fully expected disaster. But, with such low expectations, it’s hard to be displeased. (That right there, kids, is the best advice I can give you with regards to movies and marriage. Hi, Hubby!) I think it turned out pretty well. It nearly doubled the time it took me to churn out a comic (okay, not quite), but Artist Jill wasn’t necessary for the inking part so it wasn’t so bad. Is this better?

In personal news, my youngest brother got his mission call to Brazil! He’ll be neighbors with my other little brother down there. We’re all very excited!

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In the Now

Hi. I’m back.

Timmy! I was WAY happier with this page when I held it in my hands than when I cast it out into the vast Sea of Internet. I wish I had a super nice fancy-pants scanner that actually makes images like the ones I drew. I was really proud of this week, especially the second panel, but so much gets lost in the transition to internet; really not sure why I shade at all. I’m kicking around the idea of saving for a tablet, but they’re in the ballpark of $200 and I’d have to save for like a year to be able to afford that comfortably. And I don’t feel like doing that to my family just yet.

We’ve had an awesome couple of weeks. It was great to get nearly all of the family back together for the holiday season, if not quite on the particular holidays themselves. It was awesome to see my long lost brothers and to see how my little nephew has grown. (He has grown A LOT. A wonderfully fat boy. He’s like a pint sized Santa Clause without the beard- all chub and joy.) And it was great to hang out with my Papa. We just dropped him off at the airport this morning and he’ll be back in Afghanistan again in another couple days. So we’re all slowly getting back to Life As We Know It. Once again, I’ve given myself far too many resolutions, but have every intention of achieving them. (I usually do, for what that’s worth.) I have four goals for the year, each of which breaks down into monthly, weekly, and/or daily goals. I feel good about them this year- I think, with work, this is all highly achievable.

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So I went to scan the comic this morning and remembered that we all stayed up last night tearing our house apart and the scanner isn’t hooked up to anything and I’m not even sure where it actually is…  So… I’ll try to get it up tomorrow.  Apologies.

PS- I found it; it’s on the couch.

UPDATE: Still getting the house back together.  Have a page of Timmy.  It’s substantially less violent, but also rather foreboding.

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So… sorry I didn’t do that last update.  My whole family was pretty sick right up until the day before we flew out and then we were pretty busy.  And it’s looking like I won’t be updating tomorrow either.  I can’t find Gulliver’s power cord and his battery is utterly useless.  (Maybe I should put a new battery on my birthday wish list.  That and a pony.  Ponies make me think of the Shire and hobbits.  Mmmm… batteries…)  Since the scanner won’t accept the Computer of Mediocrity and the only copy of Brodie is on Gulliver, I don’t really have any way to post anything you might want to see.  So instead, I’ll just put up a video tonight and my sincerest apologies.  I hope everyone had a good holiday!

You also might check out Llamas with Hats, but it’s not quite rated G, so I’ll just make you go through a link to be really sure you want to expose yourself to this kind of sick garbage.  Sick, sick, sick.

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So I was literally walking with Gulliver to the scanner to scan in the update when a housemate set Aaron on a chair in our kitchen and the little guy, of course, arched his back and dove headlong into the hardwood floor.  An ambulance came and said we should take him to the hospital, so in we went to the emergency room to get his little head checked out while he flirted with the nurses.  He was perfectly alright, but it kind of killed the day.  So, day late, dollar short, here’s the update.  At least it’s four times bigger than usual.  (Is it really a dollar short if it’s bigger than usual?  Or is it a few dollars in excess?  Like a late fee.)  I can make myself feel a little better that way.  Hooray for high school prom!

PS- Politics aside, you have to admire any human being who can swivel a hula hoop around her hips 142 times.

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