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Good morning, all.  It’s another lovely day in Fairbanks, Alaska.  (I really should get my garden in the ground.)  Other than that, I don’t really have anything else to say.  Except that I think we’re finally all ready for baby!  He could come tomorrow (and he might) and we probably wouldn’t accidentally kill him.

Have a comic!

Have some pictures!


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Oh, Boy!

As promised, ultrasound pictures.  (If you don’t care, skip to the last line.)  We will now discuss my child’s natural creepiness.

It's a skull!  Zombie baby!

Although baby clearly has eye sockets, he doesn’t appear to have eyes.


So the top picture in this trio is, I think, a leg.  Possibly an arm.  Either way, it’s a cute little extremity.  The second pictures is… less cute… I’m thinking there’s a demonic gremlin grinning at me.  And finally: Darth Vader.  Seriously, this kid needs to be Darth Vader for his first Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween, I promise this is the last Batman picture for a long while.  (I seriouly want to buy this for the child.)

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Reworking Schedule

Alright, through no fault of my own, my beautiful schedule has become unbeautiful and (dare I say it?) downright ugly.  Henceforth, I will not be in to work Wednesday mornings and so I will not be able to put anything up Wednesdays.  So, I’m going to reinstate Tuesday updates (boo.) to make up for the dropped Wednesdays in the future.  Also, just about every other morning is being cut back a little bit.  So far (with glaring exceptions, such as today) I’ve been posting by nine in the morning, Alaska time.  (And it has become beautifully sunlit by said time.)  I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that in the future.  So, I’ll tentatively say 9:30 and see how that goes.  I might still be able to get it up by nine, but I can’t guarantee it.  (Like I ever did anyway.)  These changes are effective immediately.  (Boo.)

In other exciting news, my older brother died in a skiing accident.

But then he came back to life.

And we’re all happy to have him.

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Mommy loves you.

So, my baby has collected quite the list of nicknames from friends, family and well-wishers.  Peanut.  Howitzer.  Sinalicious.  The list goes on.  One of the more interesting nicknames is that of Squidmonkey.  Stephanie, when she’s not fighting the Copy Machine, sometimes talks with me about the impending birth of the Squidmonkey.  And that got me thinking.  How exactly is a Squidmonkey born…?  This is what immediately popped in my sick little head.  Personally, however, I think little Howitzer looks more like a shrimp than anything else in this picture.  You can’t see them, but he’s (or she’s?)  got the most perfect little fingers and toes.


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This page is Especially For Sina.  He mentioned something about wanting to see dumb pictures of me and, although he was probably joking, I have scrounged around to gather dumb pictures of me so you can all laugh at me.  There’s probably worse things I could be posting, but I didn’t have access to my mother’s Giant Box o’ Pictures to Show My Children’s Girl/Boyfriends.  Alas.

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Post Halloween Happiness

I did mention yesterday that there may be photographic evidence of my age and gender, and these just popped up on Facebook yesterday. So, I work in a library, just in case that hasn’t been made abundantly clear in the comics. But, since it’s a student position, I’m not technically a librarian. In fact, of the entire staff, only one of us is, that being Judie, who is occassionally mentioned in the comic as well. In fact, the entire cast of the comic, excluding the copy machine and Dr. Scientist, is all student staff. Well, some of decided us would be funny to dress up for Halloween as librarians. And it was funny. Judie was delighted. So here is a picture of us three librarians: Brook, Me and Stephanie (usually known in the comics as You).

And another one:

This is Brook. This is Me. This is Stephanie

Happy Halloween, everyone! Maybe you’ll get more pictures by Thanksgiving!

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