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My three-year-old insisted that this post should be titled ‘A Monster Riding A Bike’. I’ll see if I can come up with a legitimate reason for that by the end of the post.

Riding on the cool, natural high of posting art last week, I’ve decided to dredge up another fossil and post some creative writing. … I know, right? Where’s Timmy? Don’t worry, he’s still bumbling around, just not this week. Or last week. But maybe next week? Part of my neglect of Timmy lately may be that I’ve managed to adopt myself out to a writing buddy. I’ve not had a real, live, breathing, face-to-face writing buddy since I was twelve, and it’s surprisingly motivating. (Like NaNo, which kind of gives me hundreds of thousands of buddies, but I have to look her in the face and tell her how I’ve failed.) Yesterday (instead of drawing Dead Timmy), I was frantically writing at every spare moment in order to just barely pull ahead in our word race. I look forward to getting a cookie from her in the near future. Huzzah! To get back at me, she knows how much I hate being succinct and she insisted I summarize religious culture in my Work In Progress’ world in 500 words or less. It was painful, but I did it last night. (She was supposed to do her pitch, but apparently didn’t finish it before she had to go to work this morning. That, and I gave her a wicked cool BBC series to watch.) I now present my religious synopsis for your scrutiny. Let me know if there are any questions, inconsistencies, or thoughts in general.

Okay, here’s my final thoughts on the Monster/Bike thing. I am the monster. My bicycle is my writing. And lately there’s been a lot of bicyclical rampaging going on. So… yeah. No? Eh, I tried.

MonsterBike (Picture from here.)


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It is I!


It’s really rather remarkable how productive I’ve been since I stopped blarging and doodling dead people. Incredible, really. For starters, I made a person. He’s chubby and cranky, but oh so much nicer to me than my first was, and we expect he’ll get less chubby as he gets less short. And five days before he was born, I took the last final of my last class for my bachelor’s degree. (Busy week…) So now I’m just waiting for them to mail me a diploma. I’ve also managed to grow the world’s most pathetic garden, whip up a few ideas for my next awful NaNo novel, and wind up for yet another draft of Star Daughter. (Only one of the middle sections, though. My husband insisted: this being the guy who pesters me to stop endlessly editing, so you know it was bad.) The house doesn’t look like a complete train wreck, neither of the kids are sick, and I think the bills are all paid for the time being. In short, my life is generally in order. So clearly it’s time to throw a monkey wrench at it.

I approach you today with no offerings, but I know that if I didn’t tell you to expect something soon, I wouldn’t produce anything soon. So… you can feel free to start expecting. (Personally, ‘expecting’ is one of my favorite ways to be.) Inside of a week, I plan on posting a comic involving our favorite depressed zombie-possessing spirit. Hopefully, someone’s still hanging around here to enjoy it. Wish me luck! I haven’t tried to draw anything more complicated than etch-a-sketch doodles for my two-year-old since… well, probably June. Of last year.

PS- Gulliver got repossessed (loooong story) and I have a new computer now, but I still haven’t come up with a good name. He’s a smallish and black Acer with really nothing exciting about him and I’m still a bad mommy and spend many dissatisfied thoughts comparing him to Gulliver. Any suggestions?

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Doddley Doo.

Due to an utter lack of scanner access (we’re house-sitting!  yay!), I’m just going to post the first three chunks of my Nanowrimo story, which is utterly lacking a title.  On Gulliver, it’s known as Brodie, and on the Nanowrimo website its known as Scottish Love Song (I hate that title, what was I thinking?).  We’ll go with Brodie since I don’t gag every time I say it.  (That’s important.)  I posted the Introductory Notes, which is pretty self explanatory, Chapter One, which is also kind of intro-y but in a more directly applicable way, and Chapter Two, wherein the story itself actually starts.  Start where you will!

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Amazingly, I actually did it.  There were several days there where I didn’t think I was going to, but I did.  ‘Cause I have a very supportive husband.  As most of the stuff that comes out of Nanowrimo probably does, it needs a lot of revision, but it’s interesting and it was fun do to.  I’ll probably start posting chapters here in a little bit.  (Fair warning: I’m something of a perfectionist, so ‘a little bit’ could mean anywhere from three days to three years.)

So, the comic series my hubby and I are going to do together is still on hold until I can get up something of a buffer; with finals bearing down on him, I don’t know when that will be.  So, until then, enjoy page one of a little mini-series that has spawned from one of the goofy conversations that pervade my home.

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I just cranked out 5,000 words today and I’m still behind.  Mustn’t stop, mustn’t stop, mustn’t stop…

(Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.  And, following quickly on its heels, Happy Rampant Commercialism Day.  Hope none of you got trampled to death outside of Walmart.  [I slept in and played around all day with my husband and child.  And typed.  Oh, mercy, how I typed.])

I’m still planning on updating this Tuesday.  Although, it does happen that Tuesday is the first day that I won’t be frantically writing so I don’t know exactly what I’ll be posting.  Probably just a whiny rant when I inevitably fail.  Tune in next week to find out!

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A Stiff Dose of Reality

I’ve got all sorts of excuses for the lack of communication the last three weeks.  I could mention that Robert had a fish conference at the same time as he  was trying to put in his NSF grant proposal, simultaneously making me a single mother and an edit monkey.  I could mention that Aaron, that nursing infant that’s still around, and I have both been sick.  I could mention that I got a new calling at church that eats up probably about three times the amount of time and energy the last one did.  I could also mention that I’m a superhero that’s having trouble balancing my super life and my mild mannered alter ego.  (Who here’s ever played three truths and a lie?)

But the reality is that I only have time for one pointless hobby and, right now, Sussurations is not it.  It’ll stay that way through November.  (Distracted again!  Curse you, Nanowrimo!)  So check  back that first Tuesday in December and I can almost guarantee that I’ll have something up by the end of the day.  Almost.

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So, I’m arguing with the scanner.  (I thought these days were over.)  Since I’m helpless without Robert on these sorts of things, I probably won’t be able to get it sorted out until after he gets home.  But it’s also municiple elections today, so I’ll likely go do that and then do the comic.  So it’ll be up, just later this evening.  (Which is probably more like early morning for most of you.)

Until then, enjoy this rather impressive and probably inexpensive music video.  Fun and good exercise!


First off, Robert and I are singing Lion King songs to Aaron.  I don’t know why.  It just happened.

Second, after downloading, updating, running, rebooting, waiting for planets to align, and sacrificing a small goat, the scanner spontaneously decided to start working.  (I think it was because Robert was in the room and I swore up and down I could NOT get it to work.) So, have a comic.

Second and a halfth, my husband and I have joined forces to decide what the next comic series will be.  And it will be so nerdy that IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS.  Guesses are welcome, if you feel so inclined.

Third, it is the anniversary of the invention of the bar code.  Happy birthday, bar code.  (Am I the only one who goes to the Google title image to see what holiday it is?)

Fourth, I signed up for NaNoWriMo today!  So, come December, you all might get to see some chapter of that.  (I hate letting people read things I’m still working on.  Ask my poor husband.)

Fifth, thanks to everyone who sent their condolences about the subaquatic crawlspace.

And finally, this laptop shall henceforth be known as GULLIVER.

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