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The Reveal

So, a few weeks ago, I cryptically mentioned an art project that I was working on. This is the first batch of that.

So, I am LDS, as is most of my family. I currently have a little brother serving a full-time mission in Brazil. He absolutely loves it. But he does miss playing games with all of us back in Seward’s Folly. So… my husband got the idea to make him a custom card game. Since he’s down in Brazil, we wanted him to be able to play it with his friends as well, so Portuguese is a must. It’s kind of like Munchkin meets Seven Wonders with a Mormon twist. (Because who doesn’t like to poke gentle fun at Mormon culture?) Husband designed the game, I’m doing the art, and dear brother-in-law Rick is doing the graphic design to put it all together. We’ve also got a couple of friends from church who also served in Brazil and are doing the translations into Portuguese. We’re having it printed professionally and hope to have it all done and down to him by his birthday in July. We’ve been playing a mock-up with all our friends for the last few months and I recently finished all the sketching while Robert just finished the inking day before yesterday. He’s cleaned up the art a little more in Illustrator and is about a third done with that. After that, it’s off to Rick for the final put together before printing! We’re excited.

But don’t tell Spence. It’s a surprise.


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AAAARG, THIS SCANNER! Seriously, I’m COMPLETELY technologically impaired! Yesterday was a painful battle with my computer that didn’t end until my husband came home and fixed everything inside of ten minutes, and today I can’t get the scanner OR EVEN A CAMERA to work to put up the update! GRRRR! Stupid, stupid!

So… check back later. Maybe tomorrow. Rrrrar!

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Sorry I was all pukey last week- that’s no fun for anyone. But I’m feeling much better now and the whole family is all better (unless we count our buddy Corbin- he’s the most recent patron of the vomitorium, which probably doesn’t mean what you think it means- see enlightening video below).

I tried something new with the comic art this week. Rather than just whine about shading, scanners, and the outrageous cost of drawing tablets, I decided to try inking the page. I have never inked a comic page before and fully expected disaster. But, with such low expectations, it’s hard to be displeased. (That right there, kids, is the best advice I can give you with regards to movies and marriage. Hi, Hubby!) I think it turned out pretty well. It nearly doubled the time it took me to churn out a comic (okay, not quite), but Artist Jill wasn’t necessary for the inking part so it wasn’t so bad. Is this better?

In personal news, my youngest brother got his mission call to Brazil! He’ll be neighbors with my other little brother down there. We’re all very excited!

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Take That, Deadline!

Wow, it’s been a while since I was able to keep a schedule like this on anything much less important than the feeding and care of my children. Have yet another Dead Timmy update. I’m seriously, pathetically proud of myself.

The Christmas season is upon us, and that means FAMILY! We just had a lovely week long visit from my father-in-law down in WA (mother-in-law couldn’t make it this time around) culminating in an early Christmas celebration. It was great to have him around- I have awesome in-laws. And ANY DAY NOW my own papa will be showing up for two weeks of leave from his post in Afghanistan. We haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving 2011 so we’re pretty excited. Plus my brothers who have moved away will be coming back for the holiday as well. We’ll all be together except my brother Spencer, who is serving a mission in Brazil, but he’ll get to Skype in Christmas day. I’m super excited! Next time you hear from me, I’ll be hiding out at my mom’s house. :)!

PS- Happy 200th Post!

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A Stiff Dose of Reality

I’ve got all sorts of excuses for the lack of communication the last three weeks.  I could mention that Robert had a fish conference at the same time as he  was trying to put in his NSF grant proposal, simultaneously making me a single mother and an edit monkey.  I could mention that Aaron, that nursing infant that’s still around, and I have both been sick.  I could mention that I got a new calling at church that eats up probably about three times the amount of time and energy the last one did.  I could also mention that I’m a superhero that’s having trouble balancing my super life and my mild mannered alter ego.  (Who here’s ever played three truths and a lie?)

But the reality is that I only have time for one pointless hobby and, right now, Sussurations is not it.  It’ll stay that way through November.  (Distracted again!  Curse you, Nanowrimo!)  So check  back that first Tuesday in December and I can almost guarantee that I’ll have something up by the end of the day.  Almost.

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Doodley Doo

It occured to me Friday afternoon that I can no longer see my toes without special effort.  Considering this is my first baby and I’m pretty tall, this little guy is just sticking right out there, and has been for the last month.  This is going to be like giving birth to a full-grown turkey.  Whee!

I had a super weekend.  We went down to the sprawling metropolis of Anchorage and had a run-in with Robert’s papa, who lives down in Juneau so we don’t see him much.  (Maybe next time mama will come, too!)  And then we crashed my parents’ hotel suite, goofed around with my little brothers, and got to do churchy stuff Saturday morning.  (7 am sessions, though: yikes.)  Then we came home that night and the next day, my Sunday School class did an excellent job on their sharing time lesson for the rest of the Primary.  I’ll probably take them treats next week and hold them for ransom (good behavior) until church is over.  Then all my siblings in Fairbanks gathered up and ate food and played cards until Jackie and I snuck off to sort through baby clothes a lady from church gave me.  All in all, it was a super weekend, and I hope yours was, too!

Have a doodley doo!

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I slept terribly last night and, by the time the alarm went off, wasn’t feeling entirely well either.  I stayed home, with my paranoid computer and my nonworking scanner.  So so so sorry.  Instead, I’ll post another chapter of Star Daughter and, assuming I’m not hospitalized or something, I’ll put up the comic tomorrow.  Again, I’m really sorry.

Have a video to help make you less mad at me:

(Any LDS folks out there should know who Kirby Heybourne is.)

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