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So I was literally walking with Gulliver to the scanner to scan in the update when a housemate set Aaron on a chair in our kitchen and the little guy, of course, arched his back and dove headlong into the hardwood floor.  An ambulance came and said we should take him to the hospital, so in we went to the emergency room to get his little head checked out while he flirted with the nurses.  He was perfectly alright, but it kind of killed the day.  So, day late, dollar short, here’s the update.  At least it’s four times bigger than usual.  (Is it really a dollar short if it’s bigger than usual?  Or is it a few dollars in excess?  Like a late fee.)  I can make myself feel a little better that way.  Hooray for high school prom!

PS- Politics aside, you have to admire any human being who can swivel a hula hoop around her hips 142 times.


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More Comics. Fun!

It’s gonna be an hour or two late.  Sorry.  My job that actually pays strikes again.

Huzzah!  New comics!  And a new character.  Sorry about the delay, folks.  What I normally do is I have the comic all drawn and ready to scan when I come in to work at eight.  I take both my fifteen minute breaks for the day immediately to scan, format and post the comics, art, whatever.  However, my boss had some rush stuff that she needed done within the first hour of the day, so everything I normally do got bumped back.  So, sorry, but I like Judie and she makes sure I get paid every couple weeks.  Maybe if you start throwing cash at me I’ll be more consistent.  🙂

Also, as promised, my husband and friends.  And, I stand corrected: it was not during high school.  It was shortly thereafter, because it’s to honor their lost comrade Robbie when he was away for his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Which was most definitely after high school.  Have some quite entertaining craziness!

By the way, here’s a real conversation I had with my brother yesterday:

Bub: So what’s sussurations mean?

Jill:  It’s just a fancy word for whispers.  <laugh>  When I get, like 5,000 hits I should change it to Loquacitations.  <Which isn’t quite a real word.  The real word is ‘loquacities’, but the form isn’t quite how I want it and I’m taking poetic liberties.>

Bub: What happens when you get 10,000?

Jill: I don’t know.  I’m still looking for a fancy word for shouting.

And I just found it: Vociferations.  Thank you, Thesaurus.com!

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Thursday is way less catchy than Fan Art Friday.  Anywho, I was going to post another chapter of BCS… but Yahoo ate the most recent version of it.  So, pretty much all I have is the stuff that’s already up here.  I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m just uncannily bad with electronics.  So, good ol’ paper and pencil, you’re my only friend.  I’ve made three fanarts from some of the comics I read.  You should look at them and then see if you can guess who they are.  They’ve been placed under the newly organized Fan Art page on the Art page.  I was going to do more, but sleep and hygiene trumped.  Sorry.

On a completely unrelated to anything worth noting note, yesterday Sussurations got 113 hits.  Which is the most I’ve ever gotten in one day.  Seriously, folks, I appreciate you coming here.  This blog was originally set up as a class assignment, but I’m really having some fun with it.  I think I might keep up with it after the class is over.

Also unrelated, I think I’ve hit the point in the comic where I cannot proceed without a story line.  That’s right.  All those thymes you thought I was merely joking about not having a story line, I truly didn’t have one.  I’m going to work on that today.  But don’t be too broken-hearted if you come here tomorrow looking for a comic and there’s something else, like photos of an Alaskan sunrise at 9:30 am, or the dog chewing on preposterous things that no living thing should ever chew on.  It’s unlikely.  Most likely, there will be at least one or two pages to the comic.  But I’m just warning you.  Because I’m nice like that.  But, regardless of what I do post, I believe I’ll also put up a video my husband and his friends made in high school called “Wagons of Fire”.  It’s epic.

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Art Tutorial!

Oh, rapturous joy!  There is now a really, really basic How To Draw Faces Like Jill tutorial in the art section, because I know you all really want to.  (And no, it’s not for the faceless stick figure comics.)  Seriously, though, it’s really brief.  I might flesh it later if someone asks me to, but for now this is an as-is purchase.  (I think I had to do something like this in High School, but it was undoubtedly even worse back then, so giggle about that when you see how bad this is.)  Have fun with it and send me some of your loverly works of art!  Especially if you’re under the age of eight!

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For your enjoyment, there are now a few of my earliest creative writing exploits, written for a class in high school.  Bon appetit!

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