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It is I!


It’s really rather remarkable how productive I’ve been since I stopped blarging and doodling dead people. Incredible, really. For starters, I made a person. He’s chubby and cranky, but oh so much nicer to me than my first was, and we expect he’ll get less chubby as he gets less short. And five days before he was born, I took the last final of my last class for my bachelor’s degree. (Busy week…) So now I’m just waiting for them to mail me a diploma. I’ve also managed to grow the world’s most pathetic garden, whip up a few ideas for my next awful NaNo novel, and wind up for yet another draft of Star Daughter. (Only one of the middle sections, though. My husband insisted: this being the guy who pesters me to stop endlessly editing, so you know it was bad.) The house doesn’t look like a complete train wreck, neither of the kids are sick, and I think the bills are all paid for the time being. In short, my life is generally in order. So clearly it’s time to throw a monkey wrench at it.

I approach you today with no offerings, but I know that if I didn’t tell you to expect something soon, I wouldn’t produce anything soon. So… you can feel free to start expecting. (Personally, ‘expecting’ is one of my favorite ways to be.) Inside of a week, I plan on posting a comic involving our favorite depressed zombie-possessing spirit. Hopefully, someone’s still hanging around here to enjoy it. Wish me luck! I haven’t tried to draw anything more complicated than etch-a-sketch doodles for my two-year-old since… well, probably June. Of last year.

PS- Gulliver got repossessed (loooong story) and I have a new computer now, but I still haven’t come up with a good name. He’s a smallish and black Acer with really nothing exciting about him and I’m still a bad mommy and spend many dissatisfied thoughts comparing him to Gulliver. Any suggestions?


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So, I never realize how much I’ve missed someone or  something until I see it again.  Like my family, for example.  We visited them for Christmas last year and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed my goofy little brothers until I saw them again and watched Spencer leap out at Charlie from around corners wearing his Tim the Enchanter hat.  (No, he’s not five.  He’s seventeen.)  I’ve recently had a similar rush of old emotion.

My book…  Ah, how I’ve missed it, neglected in the memory of a pensive Gulliver throughout the rigors of the semester!  Tuesday, I took my final final for the semester and that night I opened up the document, read about three words and just filled with fondness.  I love my book.  Love, love, love.  In particular, I’ve missed Cove kicking people.  But I haven’t posted that part and so none of you have met Cove yet.  Rest assured, he’s pretty much the best supporting character of all times.  And I don’t know why I’m posting this here because I’m fairly certain none of you care about my book which will probably never see the beautiful glimmer of real live publication (oh, internet publishing, you tempting charlatan!), but I love it too much not to gush.  It’s kind of like the slightly stupid kid whose parents think he’s brilliant.

In other news, I’ve decided it really makes a difference when I take time to draw the comics.  There’s the Death in the second panel and the Death in the final panel.  Hardly the same guy.  With the semester over, hopefully I can make the pages a little prettier without sacrificing the update schedule.  That said, read some Timmy.  Poor guy’s on a constant emotional roller-coaster.  I’m kind of mean to my characters, aren’t I?

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(Warning!  The following paragraph may sound like an  angry rant, but it should actually be read with more confusion and baffled amusement than anger and resentment.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my life would make a great ’80’s sitcom.)

So… guess where I found my power cord.  It was in the bedroom of one of my housemates who doesn’t even have a computer that this cord would fit.  I have no idea why he took it.  It was under his desk in a little pile of shoes.  Strange and annoying as that was, it wasn’t the strangest thing that we came home to, nor the most annoying.  That would either have to be the fact that someone left dried top ramen noodle crumbles between our sheets (leading me to believe that someone not only slept in our bed, but also ate in it), the nasty plugged toilet that no one bothered to clear, or that one of the housemates got into my make-up and left a little container of that face powder stuff face-down in a puddle of water on the sink (keeping in mind that all the people who live with us are supposedly straight men, none of whom are involved in theater). There were plenty of other fun little surprises, such as the broken salad grabbers and the knife someone set on fire, but those ones are definitely the top three.  The power cord would perhaps fall in the top five, along with either the sudden appearance of several unclaimed boxes that have taken up residence in the living room (it wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t been deposited right in the doorway) or that a blanket that once belonged to my parents is now sitting on a lawn chair in our front yard, covered in snow, and nobody can seem to tell me why.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a day go by in this house when someone didn’t do something that made me go, “Um… what?”

So.  Got my power cord.  Gulliver lives!  Have some Timothy Brodie love.

PS- Would any of you, or anyone you know, be interested in a copy of City of the Dead, which is the first book in the four book Star Daughter series, the first few chapters of which can be found here?  It’s not available just yet; I’m just trolling for information.

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So… sorry I didn’t do that last update.  My whole family was pretty sick right up until the day before we flew out and then we were pretty busy.  And it’s looking like I won’t be updating tomorrow either.  I can’t find Gulliver’s power cord and his battery is utterly useless.  (Maybe I should put a new battery on my birthday wish list.  That and a pony.  Ponies make me think of the Shire and hobbits.  Mmmm… batteries…)  Since the scanner won’t accept the Computer of Mediocrity and the only copy of Brodie is on Gulliver, I don’t really have any way to post anything you might want to see.  So instead, I’ll just put up a video tonight and my sincerest apologies.  I hope everyone had a good holiday!

You also might check out Llamas with Hats, but it’s not quite rated G, so I’ll just make you go through a link to be really sure you want to expose yourself to this kind of sick garbage.  Sick, sick, sick.

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Doddley Doo.

Due to an utter lack of scanner access (we’re house-sitting!  yay!), I’m just going to post the first three chunks of my Nanowrimo story, which is utterly lacking a title.  On Gulliver, it’s known as Brodie, and on the Nanowrimo website its known as Scottish Love Song (I hate that title, what was I thinking?).  We’ll go with Brodie since I don’t gag every time I say it.  (That’s important.)  I posted the Introductory Notes, which is pretty self explanatory, Chapter One, which is also kind of intro-y but in a more directly applicable way, and Chapter Two, wherein the story itself actually starts.  Start where you will!

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So I was literally walking with Gulliver to the scanner to scan in the update when a housemate set Aaron on a chair in our kitchen and the little guy, of course, arched his back and dove headlong into the hardwood floor.  An ambulance came and said we should take him to the hospital, so in we went to the emergency room to get his little head checked out while he flirted with the nurses.  He was perfectly alright, but it kind of killed the day.  So, day late, dollar short, here’s the update.  At least it’s four times bigger than usual.  (Is it really a dollar short if it’s bigger than usual?  Or is it a few dollars in excess?  Like a late fee.)  I can make myself feel a little better that way.  Hooray for high school prom!

PS- Politics aside, you have to admire any human being who can swivel a hula hoop around her hips 142 times.

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So, I’m arguing with the scanner.  (I thought these days were over.)  Since I’m helpless without Robert on these sorts of things, I probably won’t be able to get it sorted out until after he gets home.  But it’s also municiple elections today, so I’ll likely go do that and then do the comic.  So it’ll be up, just later this evening.  (Which is probably more like early morning for most of you.)

Until then, enjoy this rather impressive and probably inexpensive music video.  Fun and good exercise!


First off, Robert and I are singing Lion King songs to Aaron.  I don’t know why.  It just happened.

Second, after downloading, updating, running, rebooting, waiting for planets to align, and sacrificing a small goat, the scanner spontaneously decided to start working.  (I think it was because Robert was in the room and I swore up and down I could NOT get it to work.) So, have a comic.

Second and a halfth, my husband and I have joined forces to decide what the next comic series will be.  And it will be so nerdy that IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS.  Guesses are welcome, if you feel so inclined.

Third, it is the anniversary of the invention of the bar code.  Happy birthday, bar code.  (Am I the only one who goes to the Google title image to see what holiday it is?)

Fourth, I signed up for NaNoWriMo today!  So, come December, you all might get to see some chapter of that.  (I hate letting people read things I’m still working on.  Ask my poor husband.)

Fifth, thanks to everyone who sent their condolences about the subaquatic crawlspace.

And finally, this laptop shall henceforth be known as GULLIVER.

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