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You know when someone has slippery hands and you call them butterfingers? Yeah, I have no excuses for posting this late other than that I forgot until just now. So. Butterbrainers.

Behold, another page of Dead Timmy! Ever notice how I’m the most diligent about updates right after I tell you I won’t be able to do it regularly anymore? This is like the third time I’ve pulled this. Such silliness.


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I honestly feel that this belligerently difficult scanner is at least 75% of my exhaustion with maintaining this comic series. Honestly.

So, sorry this is late, but here’s a brief Dead Timmy page. If you interested in happenings over at my writerly blog, I’ve posted a pair of short stories this week. Happy readings!

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AAAARG, THIS SCANNER! Seriously, I’m COMPLETELY technologically impaired! Yesterday was a painful battle with my computer that didn’t end until my husband came home and fixed everything inside of ten minutes, and today I can’t get the scanner OR EVEN A CAMERA to work to put up the update! GRRRR! Stupid, stupid!

So… check back later. Maybe tomorrow. Rrrrar!

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Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday this week! Happy birthday, me! For my birthday present to myself, I almost let myself not update this week. But then I thought better of it and figured I’ll… something else. I haven’t decided yet. But I felt like drawing on a rainy day in January, so you get an update. (By the way, WHY IS IS RAINING IN ALASKA IN JANUARY? This doesn’t bode well…)

There are two Jills which put together this comic. Writer Jill and Artist Jill. Writer Jill is pretty outgoing and she surfaces often. Artist Jill is an elusive beast, who only seems to show up about thirteen seconds before the children make a huge mess. (Monday’s mess included toxic poop and an entire box of cold cereal. You don’t want the details.) There are many times when Artist Jill doesn’t show up at all. Those times make it hard to produce a comic. But she usually shows up eventually, if only for an hour a week or less. Artist Jill wasn’t showing up for about a week and I had pretty much scrapped putting up a comic for this week, on the excuse of the anniversary of my advent into this mortal realm, but then she popped in for a quick visit. I think she left again before the last panel was drawn, but it’s good enough for Dead Timmy standards, at least. Bon appetit!

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In the Now

Hi. I’m back.

Timmy! I was WAY happier with this page when I held it in my hands than when I cast it out into the vast Sea of Internet. I wish I had a super nice fancy-pants scanner that actually makes images like the ones I drew. I was really proud of this week, especially the second panel, but so much gets lost in the transition to internet; really not sure why I shade at all. I’m kicking around the idea of saving for a tablet, but they’re in the ballpark of $200 and I’d have to save for like a year to be able to afford that comfortably. And I don’t feel like doing that to my family just yet.

We’ve had an awesome couple of weeks. It was great to get nearly all of the family back together for the holiday season, if not quite on the particular holidays themselves. It was awesome to see my long lost brothers and to see how my little nephew has grown. (He has grown A LOT. A wonderfully fat boy. He’s like a pint sized Santa Clause without the beard- all chub and joy.) And it was great to hang out with my Papa. We just dropped him off at the airport this morning and he’ll be back in Afghanistan again in another couple days. So we’re all slowly getting back to Life As We Know It. Once again, I’ve given myself far too many resolutions, but have every intention of achieving them. (I usually do, for what that’s worth.) I have four goals for the year, each of which breaks down into monthly, weekly, and/or daily goals. I feel good about them this year- I think, with work, this is all highly achievable.

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Greetings from Last Year

So, yeah. I’m still out of town. And since I just wrote what was last week’s update, not much has happened in the last five minutes of sitting in a dark room listening to children snoring (what a sweet, sweet sound), I don’t have much else to say. Again, I’ll tell you all about my wonderful adventures upon my return, which should be next week. Until then, more holiday goofiness from the fine cast of Dead Timmy.

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Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes!

It’s cold! Hopefully by the time you read this, it will be warmer, but right now it’s like negative fifty! -50 degrees F! That’s cold! My Papa got in last night. (Last night being like a week ago…) We went to the airport to greet him there, and my boys and I made a big batch of saltwater taffy and then handed it out with thank you notes to all the soldiers we spotted coming and going. My little three year old went around handing them out from a sparkly blue bucket. My husband insisted we were bringing too much, but we ended up not having enough! It was a lot of fun. When my dad first stepped outside, he started coughing and hacking as soon as he took a breath and then laughed and gasped, “Wow! That’s really cold!” Fortunately, he’s stationed up in the mountains, so it was at least threatening to snow when he left to come here, so it was only an eighty degree drop instead of, say, a hundred twenty degree drop that my brother is about to enjoy. Mwa ha ha ha…

So, since I’m time traveling from the past to talk to you, I won’t be able to tell you about Christmas until later. I know you’re excited to hear about my mundane life. Just wait.

To tide you over, the staff of Dead Timmy send you this holiday greeting.

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