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So, apparently, some people out there are actually reading this stuff.  Hi, people!  Since I seem to have some readers, I feel a little not good about the utter lack of decent art and goofy comics.  I just want you to know that I’m trying my bestest.  It all started when my husband’s computer died suddenly.  Its replacement was completely inferior in many ways that I am too computer illiterate to describe, but the Computer of Mediocrity is passable.  After that, He Who Must Not Be Named and I moved back home to Alaska and, being much further from free printing, set up our own printer, and all was right with the world.  However, when I tried to scan a document, we discovered that the Computer of Mediocrity wasn’t compatible with the scanner, so I was without scans.  Hm.  So I pulled out Lappy, my prehistoric laptop who seems to be dying a slow and painful death.  Lappy tried his little hardest, but, since he doesn’t have a CD drive right now, he couldn’t talk to the scanner and thereby let his mommy down.  Aww…  Having previously used the camera to make painfully awful ‘scans’ which I am too ignorant to know how to fix, I decided to try that, only to find that the battery was dead and the charger has been missing since we got back from Scotland.  Ugh.  So I gritted my teeth, went to work and paid the preposterous fee of eight cents to scan a comic, to promptly discover that WordPress doesn’t accept pfd files for uploading.  So I paid another eight cents to try and scan it in another format, only to find that this thousands-of-dollars piece of equipment can’t save it any other way.  Grrr.  So!  Now you all know why I haven’t been posting all these mysterious and wonderful images I keep talking about.  (This is like having the long-distance boyfriend that half my friends thought I was making up.)  So… yeah…. still no more comics or art.  Sorry, folks.

Remember to donate to March of Dimes!  Only two weeks left in the fund-raiser before I go to the slammer!


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I know this has just about nothing to do with art, but this is one of those things that I get fired up about.  For the next couple  of weeks, I’m participating in a March of Dimes fundraiser called Jail and Bail.  In it, I get arrested and then post as much bail as I can, although it’s supposed to be at least $1,000.  Yikes!  The bail goes to helping infants who otherwise might not have a chance at life.  Having dealt with sick and special needs infants on a very personal level, I get really passionate about March of Dimes and other such organizations.  If you can donate as little as ten dollars, you could help decide whether or not a baby lives.  Please follow this link to donate:


Thank you so much!

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