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So.  Looks like this semester is going to totally kill me because it’s already kicking my can.  I’m not anywhere near being done with my homework and so you get one unedited chapter of Brodie and a video to indulge in, which is actually part of a whole series of videos, since I obviously have no intention of entertaining you myself.  (The Lord of the Rings one is the best I’ve seen so far, but there is an abundance of Boromir buttocks and so we’ll stick with Superman for now.  Star Wars IV is also quite fabulous.  Aaand… those are the only ones I’ve seen.)  We’ll see if I can dig myself out from this homework mound by Thursday.  (HIGHLY unlikely.)



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(Warning!  The following paragraph may sound like an  angry rant, but it should actually be read with more confusion and baffled amusement than anger and resentment.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my life would make a great ’80’s sitcom.)

So… guess where I found my power cord.  It was in the bedroom of one of my housemates who doesn’t even have a computer that this cord would fit.  I have no idea why he took it.  It was under his desk in a little pile of shoes.  Strange and annoying as that was, it wasn’t the strangest thing that we came home to, nor the most annoying.  That would either have to be the fact that someone left dried top ramen noodle crumbles between our sheets (leading me to believe that someone not only slept in our bed, but also ate in it), the nasty plugged toilet that no one bothered to clear, or that one of the housemates got into my make-up and left a little container of that face powder stuff face-down in a puddle of water on the sink (keeping in mind that all the people who live with us are supposedly straight men, none of whom are involved in theater). There were plenty of other fun little surprises, such as the broken salad grabbers and the knife someone set on fire, but those ones are definitely the top three.  The power cord would perhaps fall in the top five, along with either the sudden appearance of several unclaimed boxes that have taken up residence in the living room (it wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t been deposited right in the doorway) or that a blanket that once belonged to my parents is now sitting on a lawn chair in our front yard, covered in snow, and nobody can seem to tell me why.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a day go by in this house when someone didn’t do something that made me go, “Um… what?”

So.  Got my power cord.  Gulliver lives!  Have some Timothy Brodie love.

PS- Would any of you, or anyone you know, be interested in a copy of City of the Dead, which is the first book in the four book Star Daughter series, the first few chapters of which can be found here?  It’s not available just yet; I’m just trolling for information.

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So… sorry I didn’t do that last update.  My whole family was pretty sick right up until the day before we flew out and then we were pretty busy.  And it’s looking like I won’t be updating tomorrow either.  I can’t find Gulliver’s power cord and his battery is utterly useless.  (Maybe I should put a new battery on my birthday wish list.  That and a pony.  Ponies make me think of the Shire and hobbits.  Mmmm… batteries…)  Since the scanner won’t accept the Computer of Mediocrity and the only copy of Brodie is on Gulliver, I don’t really have any way to post anything you might want to see.  So instead, I’ll just put up a video tonight and my sincerest apologies.  I hope everyone had a good holiday!

You also might check out Llamas with Hats, but it’s not quite rated G, so I’ll just make you go through a link to be really sure you want to expose yourself to this kind of sick garbage.  Sick, sick, sick.

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So.  Couple things.  One: you guys rock.  Two: so do husbands and babies.

As promised, another page of Dead Timmy (man, I have a weird sense of humor) and another chapter of Brodie (poor Tillie!).  May you enjoy them both in good health and prosperity.  (Only one more update until I fall off the face of the planet again!)

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