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Guest comics

Robert, that guy whose comments don’t count when I try to bribe you, wrote me a guest comic, which I was supposed to post Monday, but the world conspired against me.  But now it’s here!  It’s been embedded to where it would have been chronologically had I posted it Monday, so future generations will be able to enjoy it as Robert intended.  As always, thanks for coming!  Tell all your friends!  Assuming you have any!


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Still funny, though.  I mean, they’re stick figures.  I can’t get too serious.  Anyway, sorry I never did post more art last night.  I didn’t get home until around ten and I figured it was the next day for most of you by then anyway.  So here are more comics instead!  (Because, let’s be honest, you’re probably more interested in that than in my goofing around with a pencil while I’m avoiding homework.)

By the way, you may have become used to me posting something, anything, about every day, so I feel morally obligated to warn you that that I will probably never post during the weekends.  For one thing, they’re always crazy busy as I try to catch up on the things I was too crazy busy to do during the week, and for another thing, my scanner at home still doesn’t work and I still can’t figure out how to get the Computer of Mediocrity to process my scans and post them even if I do just email scans to myself from work.  So, sorry, but I won’t be posting Saturdays or Sundays unless something really special happens.  You have been warned!

UPDATE:  Because I am desperate for attention, I’ll make you all a deal.  I plan on posting three comics on Monday.  I will double that if someone, except you Robert, comments on something within the site by Sunday night.  That’s right, folks: one comment equals six pages of stupid nonsense.  No comments equals a mere three pages of stupid nonsense.  You decide.

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