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Wow.  Hours early.  And all entirely because I don’t have to use the stupid scanner for any of it.  Huzzah!

Anyway, I’m posting super early because tomorrow morning is going to be crazy.  I’m getting down to the wire in my classes and I really can’t guarantee an update a day over the next two weeks or so.  I’ll do my best, but understand that academics (and health and sanity) come before Sussurations.

Alright, as to what I’m actually posting: I mentioned a while ago that BCS (may it rest in peace) was what I did I my free time (may that rest in peace, too) when I wasn’t working on my biggest hobby of my life, Star Daughter (yeah, that, too – oh, golly, I miss them all so much!).  Well, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to post a little of Star Daughter.  Please please please: if you have a few minutes to post a comment, tell me what you think of it.  I’m trying to get this thing into shape to send in to a publisher and if you have any editing tidbits, I’d appreciate them immensely.  This book is like my first-born child (at least until the real one pops out) so sending it out into the soulless internet is a big step for me.  That said, here it is.

(Mommy loves you!)


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Thursday is way less catchy than Fan Art Friday.  Anywho, I was going to post another chapter of BCS… but Yahoo ate the most recent version of it.  So, pretty much all I have is the stuff that’s already up here.  I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m just uncannily bad with electronics.  So, good ol’ paper and pencil, you’re my only friend.  I’ve made three fanarts from some of the comics I read.  You should look at them and then see if you can guess who they are.  They’ve been placed under the newly organized Fan Art page on the Art page.  I was going to do more, but sleep and hygiene trumped.  Sorry.

On a completely unrelated to anything worth noting note, yesterday Sussurations got 113 hits.  Which is the most I’ve ever gotten in one day.  Seriously, folks, I appreciate you coming here.  This blog was originally set up as a class assignment, but I’m really having some fun with it.  I think I might keep up with it after the class is over.

Also unrelated, I think I’ve hit the point in the comic where I cannot proceed without a story line.  That’s right.  All those thymes you thought I was merely joking about not having a story line, I truly didn’t have one.  I’m going to work on that today.  But don’t be too broken-hearted if you come here tomorrow looking for a comic and there’s something else, like photos of an Alaskan sunrise at 9:30 am, or the dog chewing on preposterous things that no living thing should ever chew on.  It’s unlikely.  Most likely, there will be at least one or two pages to the comic.  But I’m just warning you.  Because I’m nice like that.  But, regardless of what I do post, I believe I’ll also put up a video my husband and his friends made in high school called “Wagons of Fire”.  It’s epic.

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Couple of things! For one, there is a new chapter of The Book, the Crown and the Sword. It’s not quite as exciting (or nearly as crazy or long) as the last chapter, but hopefully, it’ll make you scratch your head for a second before you get what’s going on. Making people scratch their heads is one of the things I live for.

The other thing is this really fabulous video called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This mini-movie came out during the writer’s strike several months ago when Joss Whedon didn’t have anything better to do. (Love that man.) He got together a bunch of his actor friends and they made this super low budget video of pure awesome. It has three two-part acts and it’s definately worth the time investment if you’re anything like me. Typically, being human is ‘like me’ enough to enjoy this.

I believe this is just the first clip, but once you’ve become addicted, it’s easy enough to get ahold of your next fix.  (AKA-click here.  Remember, each act has two parts.  Watch them in order to avoid confusion.)

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So Much Craziness!  Alright, I guess there’s not too much craziness happening, but there is lots of running around and shouting.  Enjoy a second chapter of The Book, the Crown and the Sword!

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Sorry folks, still no scanner.  (Curse you, Windows Vista!)  So, in lieu of comics and loverly art, you must content yourselves with a chapter from a story I’ve been goofing around with lately, which bears the unweildy working title of The Book, the Crown and the Sword, or some such combination of items.  This is sort of the thing that I work on when I don’t really feel like working.  Let me know what you think.  (Which may very well be along the lines of: “Oh, merciful Heavens, please make her stop…”)

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