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I’ve had a sort of epiphany over the course of my travels this last week. It used to be that when I went on a vacation, it was relaxing, fun, and enjoyable: in short, a vacation. I imagine it will be something like that again when I’ve thrown out all my children. However.

Vacationing with small children has once more broadened my appreciation of my own mother and father, proud parents of five once small children. It also makes me realize I don’t remember going on many vacations when we were little, which probably also makes them the wise parents of five once small children. (They probably laugh their heads off watching me try to wrangle my little monsters.) I found myself frequently saying things like “We’re almost there, honey, calm down.” and “Sweetheart, Mommy has a special treat for you if you can use your calm voice.” and “Boys, it is nap time (or night time). Go to sleep. Mommy wants sleep. WHY WON’T YOU SLEEP?” To be fair, they both did remarkably well, given the lifestyle we forced on them for a week. We became veritable gypsies, sleeping in a different place every night, and performing neat toddler tricks for our food. Since last posting, I have levelled up to Master Carseat Nurser, which is a class I wouldn’t not have imagined possible in my pre-baby days, and Robert became a Grandmaster Meltdown Diffuser, and we’re not talking about the children’s meltdowns.

On the way out of the airport back home in sweet, sweet Fairbanks, Alaska, Robert and I looked over at one another, he carrying a Herculean load of gifts from grandparents and other relatives, and I carrying an infant on one arm and dragging a screaming toddler away from yet another vending machine, and we both decided that, some beautiful day, we needed a vacation sans enfants. Hello, Grandma.

So… that said, I haven’t finished the next page of the comic. Shocking, I know, but here is yet another cheater update of Dead Timmy novelization. Enjoy!


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I’m out of town, celebrating a wedding in the family (Congrats, Rick and Al! You guys rock!), but here’s the first chapter of the Dead Timmy novelization. I didn’t have time to finish drawing the next page of the comic (such cranky children I’ve bred!), but I don’t feel like I’m totally lame because there’s detail in the written version that isn’t in the drawn version, so it’s kind of like something new. We’ll see if I have the page finished by next week, or if you get another cheater update.

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I’m impressed with myself! I actually did it! Granted, the page scanned quite awfully, but the fact that there was a page at all to scan is a bit of a feat. Behold, a Dead Timmy update. We’ll work on quality next.

So, about two hours after I wrote the last post, in which I promised an update in the next week, I remembered that I was having all four of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. Chop, chop, out they came, and I’ve been just a little loopy ever since. I find that vicodine makes me less loopy than just plain pain does, though. Vicodine mostly makes me drowsy. Why on earth would I commit to making an update I haven’t had time for in the last year, while in pain, on drugs, and overwhelmed by an overnight doubling of the number of my children? Well, because unhealthy masochism thinly veiled as strong work ethic is the American way!

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It is I!


It’s really rather remarkable how productive I’ve been since I stopped blarging and doodling dead people. Incredible, really. For starters, I made a person. He’s chubby and cranky, but oh so much nicer to me than my first was, and we expect he’ll get less chubby as he gets less short. And five days before he was born, I took the last final of my last class for my bachelor’s degree. (Busy week…) So now I’m just waiting for them to mail me a diploma. I’ve also managed to grow the world’s most pathetic garden, whip up a few ideas for my next awful NaNo novel, and wind up for yet another draft of Star Daughter. (Only one of the middle sections, though. My husband insisted: this being the guy who pesters me to stop endlessly editing, so you know it was bad.) The house doesn’t look like a complete train wreck, neither of the kids are sick, and I think the bills are all paid for the time being. In short, my life is generally in order. So clearly it’s time to throw a monkey wrench at it.

I approach you today with no offerings, but I know that if I didn’t tell you to expect something soon, I wouldn’t produce anything soon. So… you can feel free to start expecting. (Personally, ‘expecting’ is one of my favorite ways to be.) Inside of a week, I plan on posting a comic involving our favorite depressed zombie-possessing spirit. Hopefully, someone’s still hanging around here to enjoy it. Wish me luck! I haven’t tried to draw anything more complicated than etch-a-sketch doodles for my two-year-old since… well, probably June. Of last year.

PS- Gulliver got repossessed (loooong story) and I have a new computer now, but I still haven’t come up with a good name. He’s a smallish and black Acer with really nothing exciting about him and I’m still a bad mommy and spend many dissatisfied thoughts comparing him to Gulliver. Any suggestions?

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Hello, Strangers.

So. Yeah. It’s been pretty much ages since I was on here. I’ve decided that, even though I don’t really have anything interesting for you to look at, I could at least say hi and let you all know I’m not in a ditch somewhere. (Just an artistic one, I guess.)

Aaron eats up most of my time. He’s eighteen months now: runs, jabbers, and makes messes, all with increasing proficiency. Robert and I are still both chipping away at our degrees, and both plan on being done this summer. Toward the later-middle-ish portion of summer, we should be having another bundle of pukey, screaming joy. 🙂 But, fear not, sweet readers! (You’re still there, right?) Since I last wrote to you, I fully scripted out the rest of Dead Timmy, every line of it (although I’m still open to divergences, when the fancy strikes me- and I’m a fan of striking fancifully). In fact, that was what I did for NaNoWriMo last year- I novellized Dead Timmy. (And lemme tell ya, my grades noticably tanked that one month and then hopped back up at the turn of the month.) There are some details in the book that I don’t think will make it into the comic, so after the comic is through, I think I’ll put the book up, too, just in case I’ve generated my very own nerds by that point. So now that I’ve teased you with possibilities and half-promises, I think I’ll say goodnight and adieu until next time.

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Whiney Baby

Hurried update

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Sorry it’s late, but here it is.  Between school, Aaron and now being sick myself as well, it’s tough to keep up with all the stuff I want to do.  Sorry, Timothy!

Also, it occurs to me that I haven’t been updating Brodie for a long while.  There were still just a lot of questions and discrepencies that made me hesitate to work on it, and my research was pretty much as far as I was able to take it on my own.  Then, a miracle occured.  Some distant relative found a big packet of information and handed it off to a closer relative, who then mailed copies (and one original!) to me (along with three jars of yummy jam).  I’m still going through all of it, but this is BIG STUFF and I’m SUPER EXCITED.  I now know when Robert Brodie sneezed, and it’s awesome.

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