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My computer is being crazy right now. It’s taken me most of the morning to get the internet functional and I am completely at a loss with this scanner. I’ll have hubby look at it tonight and try to have something to post tomorrow.

PS- Sorry about no update last week- I spent my usual time making the site prettier and easier to navigate, and cleaning up old typos that have been driving me crazy for years.


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PUKE PUKE no update PUKE

But just for fun:
Sadly, this is very accurate...

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It is I!


It’s really rather remarkable how productive I’ve been since I stopped blarging and doodling dead people. Incredible, really. For starters, I made a person. He’s chubby and cranky, but oh so much nicer to me than my first was, and we expect he’ll get less chubby as he gets less short. And five days before he was born, I took the last final of my last class for my bachelor’s degree. (Busy week…) So now I’m just waiting for them to mail me a diploma. I’ve also managed to grow the world’s most pathetic garden, whip up a few ideas for my next awful NaNo novel, and wind up for yet another draft of Star Daughter. (Only one of the middle sections, though. My husband insisted: this being the guy who pesters me to stop endlessly editing, so you know it was bad.) The house doesn’t look like a complete train wreck, neither of the kids are sick, and I think the bills are all paid for the time being. In short, my life is generally in order. So clearly it’s time to throw a monkey wrench at it.

I approach you today with no offerings, but I know that if I didn’t tell you to expect something soon, I wouldn’t produce anything soon. So… you can feel free to start expecting. (Personally, ‘expecting’ is one of my favorite ways to be.) Inside of a week, I plan on posting a comic involving our favorite depressed zombie-possessing spirit. Hopefully, someone’s still hanging around here to enjoy it. Wish me luck! I haven’t tried to draw anything more complicated than etch-a-sketch doodles for my two-year-old since… well, probably June. Of last year.

PS- Gulliver got repossessed (loooong story) and I have a new computer now, but I still haven’t come up with a good name. He’s a smallish and black Acer with really nothing exciting about him and I’m still a bad mommy and spend many dissatisfied thoughts comparing him to Gulliver. Any suggestions?

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Hello, Strangers.

So. Yeah. It’s been pretty much ages since I was on here. I’ve decided that, even though I don’t really have anything interesting for you to look at, I could at least say hi and let you all know I’m not in a ditch somewhere. (Just an artistic one, I guess.)

Aaron eats up most of my time. He’s eighteen months now: runs, jabbers, and makes messes, all with increasing proficiency. Robert and I are still both chipping away at our degrees, and both plan on being done this summer. Toward the later-middle-ish portion of summer, we should be having another bundle of pukey, screaming joy. 🙂 But, fear not, sweet readers! (You’re still there, right?) Since I last wrote to you, I fully scripted out the rest of Dead Timmy, every line of it (although I’m still open to divergences, when the fancy strikes me- and I’m a fan of striking fancifully). In fact, that was what I did for NaNoWriMo last year- I novellized Dead Timmy. (And lemme tell ya, my grades noticably tanked that one month and then hopped back up at the turn of the month.) There are some details in the book that I don’t think will make it into the comic, so after the comic is through, I think I’ll put the book up, too, just in case I’ve generated my very own nerds by that point. So now that I’ve teased you with possibilities and half-promises, I think I’ll say goodnight and adieu until next time.

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Stale Jokes

So, have you ever had a really funny joke and then something disrupts the joke or for some reason someone didn’t hear you, but then you can’t repeat it ’cause it’s just not as funny when it’s repeated? That just happened to me. My internet sucks. So now you’ll never know what my very clever title and introduction were. But the gist of it was that, instead of drawing a comic, I did a job for which I will actually be paid. Weird, right? So… that combined with my still recovering from vacation means no comic today. But apparently the experiments worked, so… score?

I was about to tell you about my vacation, but Aaron just woke up. Ciao!

UPDATE: He’s happily playing with things that might put his eyes out, so I’ll type some more. To be honest, I feel unreasonably bad when I don’t post anything, despite the fact that there are approximately two of you who seem to read with any regularity, as far as I can tell. (Hi, Jonathan! Hi, Hubby!) So I’ll type a bit more.

Vacation was lovely. I think the best thing about visiting family is the fact that everyone else insists on looking after our child. I spent an unreasonable amount of time playing sudoku puzzles and watching NCIS or some other manner of acronym titled whodunnit show with the intimidating old boss guy who eerily knows everything and his team of youngish attractive tough crime fighters, at least one of which is female and/or a minority and/or from another country, and at least one of which who is a little geekier than the others and is the butt of most jokes, all of whom are just OH SO PASSIONATE about stopping evil because a) they have family who were baddies or were a baddie themselves(!) b) they have family or close friends who were victims of baddies or c) they saved someone from baddies once in their past and got a kick out of it and now they’re some kind of adrenaline junkie. (I’m talking way too much about TV. I think I watched too much TV down there. I can’t help it. Some kind of genetic disorder.) We did eat crab, but there was a price hike between last year and this year, so we didn’t go too crazy, although I did eat more seafood than probably in the rest of the time since the last Crabfest. I also met Parnell in a neat little house that was PACKED with art and people in suits (I was wearing a dirty John Deere t-shirt at the time, thank you), and Treadwell’s daughter was sick of campaigning and so she came over and hung out. And there were a few concerts that we went to that were awesome, particularly the Russian group an aunt was in. His other aunt runs a ballet school that I keep wanting to go hang out at, but I don’t have the guts to ask. I’m kind of fascinated by really graceful people, probably because I’m NOT one of those people. Robert comes from very musical, classy and political stock, I guess. (At least as far as extended families go, visiting my family tends to more revolve around BBQs and getting the cops called on us. NOT joking.) I also very much enjoyed getting rained in every day. The parade, which Robert and Aaron both got roped into the day before, was torrential and delightful. I love my menfolk. All in all, a wonderful success, although Robert’s grandma spent a lot of time lecturing me about rags that were totally not my fault. She’s pretty much an awesome old lady (86 and spunky!) and was kind of horrified that Robert and I would feed her delicate great-grandson pieces of food larger than his pinkie nail; she chased me away a couple times to carefully shred chicken for the boy. And Robert’s uncle and I share an interest in family history and pounded out about twelve generations of Beaches in the space of two hours using obscure family documents he had in a folder but hadn’t gone through yet, and a two week trial version of Ancestry.com that neither of us had any intention of actually purchasing, but MAN it was helpful; it made us terribly late for a dinner party and I kind of had to pry him away from the computer well after everyone else had left us. The trip back was a little yucky- rough seas. I threw up for the first time in years and that salty little sausage patty that caused it was SO not worth it.

I’m pretty much amazed that Aaron’s being this quiet. It probably means he’s ripping wiring out of the walls and chewing on them, so I’m gonna head off while he’s still alive. Sorry about the lack of comic, but shnerk.

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Doodle do dooooo!  Doodle do do dooo!

So, I have a final Friday morning, just about when I normally post a new update.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that’s not happening.  Maybe I’ll surprise you [unlikely], but expect something to be up by Monday (You should have learned by now to never trust me when I say things like that.  New plan: double update Friday.  We’ll see what I have to say about that on Friday…)

In completely unrelated news: another one of my brothers is getting married!  They got engaged yesterday and set a date in July.  Congrats, Bryan and Chelsea!  Pick a yummy cake!

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So I went to scan the comic this morning and remembered that we all stayed up last night tearing our house apart and the scanner isn’t hooked up to anything and I’m not even sure where it actually is…  So… I’ll try to get it up tomorrow.  Apologies.

PS- I found it; it’s on the couch.

UPDATE: Still getting the house back together.  Have a page of Timmy.  It’s substantially less violent, but also rather foreboding.

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