Hello, and welcome to Susurations!  Now that I’m done gestating and giving my money away to the university, I’m going to try to update once a week, although I make no guarantees on what day that might fall (looks like Wednesdays!). I’m still feeling things out for the time being. Feel free to look around at what I already have up and let me know what I can do to improve the site.  Polite, constructive comments are always welcome!  Thanks for dropping by!

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The Reveal

So, a few weeks ago, I cryptically mentioned an art project that I was working on. This is the first batch of that.

So, I am LDS, as is most of my family. I currently have a little brother serving a full-time mission in Brazil. He absolutely loves it. But he does miss playing games with all of us back in Seward’s Folly. So… my husband got the idea to make him a custom card game. Since he’s down in Brazil, we wanted him to be able to play it with his friends as well, so Portuguese is a must. It’s kind of like Munchkin meets Seven Wonders with a Mormon twist. (Because who doesn’t like to poke gentle fun at Mormon culture?) Husband designed the game, I’m doing the art, and dear brother-in-law Rick is doing the graphic design to put it all together. We’ve also got a couple of friends from church who also served in Brazil and are doing the translations into Portuguese. We’re having it printed professionally and hope to have it all done and down to him by his birthday in July. We’ve been playing a mock-up with all our friends for the last few months and I recently finished all the sketching while Robert just finished the inking day before yesterday. He’s cleaned up the art a little more in Illustrator and is about a third done with that. After that, it’s off to Rick for the final put together before printing! We’re excited.

But don’t tell Spence. It’s a surprise.


You know when someone has slippery hands and you call them butterfingers? Yeah, I have no excuses for posting this late other than that I forgot until just now. So. Butterbrainers.

Behold, another page of Dead Timmy! Ever notice how I’m the most diligent about updates right after I tell you I won’t be able to do it regularly anymore? This is like the third time I’ve pulled this. Such silliness.


I honestly feel that this belligerently difficult scanner is at least 75% of my exhaustion with maintaining this comic series. Honestly.

So, sorry this is late, but here’s a brief Dead Timmy page. If you interested in happenings over at my writerly blog, I’ve posted a pair of short stories this week. Happy readings!

Hrm. It seems I’ve been neglecting you, Susurations.

So. I’ve been gussying up this blog a bit over the last month or two in an effort to look more like a professional writer. Unfortunately, that puts Timmy and such non-writerly things on a back burner. (Although Dear Husband insists that Timmy and the other comics should live on because they’re well-written. I’m still considering this.) Also, I’ve had in-laws visiting for the last couple weeks, which really hasn’t much helped my getting things like this done. I LOVE when family comes to visit. It’s great to see them and catch up, and it’s great to have extra hands on deck around here. It’s not great for writing webcomics. Or doodling elves, for that matter. I did get a little writing done, but not of the nature that I can post online just yet. More on that later. Also, I have a large art project that I’ll be starting on soon that I also can’t talk about yet either. More on that later, too.

Susurations is dying, I’m afraid. I came to the conclusion that, in order to improve my writing platform, I needed a cleaner, more searchable blog that focused more on my writing, which is really my main creative love right now. But what to do with Susurations? I was thinking that, perhaps, I’d keep updating comics and art over here, and writing over there, and then just link back and forth a lot. It seems like kind of a pain. Robert thinks I should port everything over, even the art, into my writing blog. I don’t like that idea so much. I very much want this new blog to be clean and to-the-point; if it’s not about writing, it doesn’t belong there. So… I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet. For the short run, Dead Timmy and Art will continue to live here, updated at a rate I’m not completely prepared to commit to just yet. The new blog will exist elsewhere and will update at least weekly. Again, I’m not sure what I can commit to. Feel free to check on both of them. I’ll probably let people know back and forth when there’s updates on either site, but that will probably stop eventually once I’ve decided what to do with my life.

But now some good news: Here is a Dead Timmy update.

Furthermore, I wrote a fun jaunt about Husband and I’s adventures in the wilderness over at the new blog, www.jillmarcotte.wordpress.com that is titled Bushwhackin’ and I think you’ll enjoy it.

AAAARG, THIS SCANNER! Seriously, I’m COMPLETELY technologically impaired! Yesterday was a painful battle with my computer that didn’t end until my husband came home and fixed everything inside of ten minutes, and today I can’t get the scanner OR EVEN A CAMERA to work to put up the update! GRRRR! Stupid, stupid!

So… check back later. Maybe tomorrow. Rrrrar!

A Monster Riding a Bike

My three-year-old insisted that this post should be titled ‘A Monster Riding A Bike’. I’ll see if I can come up with a legitimate reason for that by the end of the post.

Riding on the cool, natural high of posting art last week, I’ve decided to dredge up another fossil and post some creative writing. … I know, right? Where’s Timmy? Don’t worry, he’s still bumbling around, just not this week. Or last week. But maybe next week? Part of my neglect of Timmy lately may be that I’ve managed to adopt myself out to a writing buddy. I’ve not had a real, live, breathing, face-to-face writing buddy since I was twelve, and it’s surprisingly motivating. (Like NaNo, which kind of gives me hundreds of thousands of buddies, but I have to look her in the face and tell her how I’ve failed.) Yesterday (instead of drawing Dead Timmy), I was frantically writing at every spare moment in order to just barely pull ahead in our word race. I look forward to getting a cookie from her in the near future. Huzzah! To get back at me, she knows how much I hate being succinct and she insisted I summarize religious culture in my Work In Progress’ world in 500 words or less. It was painful, but I did it last night. (She was supposed to do her pitch, but apparently didn’t finish it before she had to go to work this morning. That, and I gave her a wicked cool BBC series to watch.) I now present my religious synopsis for your scrutiny. Let me know if there are any questions, inconsistencies, or thoughts in general.

Okay, here’s my final thoughts on the Monster/Bike thing. I am the monster. My bicycle is my writing. And lately there’s been a lot of bicyclical rampaging going on. So… yeah. No? Eh, I tried.

MonsterBike (Picture from here.)

Happy Valentine’s Day

… and sorry about the delay. I don’t know if it’s my computer, my internet, or my scanner who’s dying (possibly all three), but someone in this three-ring circus is SERIOUSLY not happy.

So, I actually had something that I was going to put up last week, had I not spent my time beautifying the blog. So I’ll put that up as well, making this my first double posting in a VERY long time. 🙂 My first offering is a portrait of the rather severe looking main character in my current writing project, Nahldria (some of you who have been here a long time may still think of her as Celedria- get with the times). I haven’t updated the art folder in years, so I figured it was about time, plus it was a good shading exercise. Maybe some day I’ll even shade some Dead Timmy pages! My second offering is a wish that you have a very happy and very fulfilling Valentine’s Day. Who do you love? Your spouse? Your mom? Your pet rock? Your child who is currently screaming because his older brother dared to sit in a seat he had been sitting on within the last hour? Oh, no wait, that one’s mine. To honor love of all ages and stages, here’s my Four Stages of Romance, with a little bonus stage at the very end. Enjoy!

Robert and I are currently in the midst of our sixth year of marital paradise. We were fifteen when we first met, nearly half our lives ago, and we’re still silly in love with each other. Robert, I love you, darling. Thanks for making my life fabulous!